Veteran’s Affairs Architectural Visualizations

February 23, 2017

One of the largest operators of medical facilities is the Department of Veterans Affairs. Images are commissioned for both interior and exterior views as well as design competitions. Clients for these images are; Ratcliff Architects, Cox Design Associates and The Design Partnership. All work was produced with digital partner Digital Frontier.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Recovery Center (PRRC) designed by Ratcliff Architects.

Education Architectural Visualizations

January 30, 2017

Education architecture spans a huge range of user needs, from preschool through advanced degree graduate programs striving to compete in an ever-changing technical world. Portraying these environments and the users interactions with the projects is challenging but results in images that help projects be understood as well as helping obtain public approvals and funding both public and private.

Digital still images produced with Digital Frontier.

Watercolor images

Round Rock animation produced with Valley Graphics.


2016 Thanks!

January 2, 2017

A super busy year with 130 jobs comprised of over 300 images and animations! Thanks to all the clients and their clients along with the studios I work with!

Ruth Bancroft Gardens Moves Forward

December 15, 2016

Easily qualifying as one of my favorite local projects, the Ruth Bancroft Gardens proposed Visitor and Education Center has been great to work on. Contacted by a board member who I have worked for on 1500 Mt. Diablo and The Foundry project, I was happy to help on this project. The project has successfully moved through all necessary City of Walnut Creek Design Review Commission approvals which is no small task. Large developers have had trouble with approvals with the DRC but the great design of this project was essential. Also essential was my taking actual photographs of existing plants as many of these plants are unique and not in 3d digital libraries or the studios post production library. 

Check out the project web site.

1330 Broadway

November 29, 2016

The city of Oakland, CA is booming. Local developer TMG Partners has purchased and is updating one of the best buildings downtown. Updated design by StudioTMT will have this building looking better than new. Exterior images are photomontages with background photography by Eric Sahlin Photography. All 3d digital work was produced with digital partner Digital Frontier. Take a look!

A San Francisco Business Times write up of the project using the renderings.

Check out the brochure using the renderings.