Infrastructure projects can be extremely hard for the public to understand. Usually large projects that are difficult for the public to understand, effective visuals are essential to design, approvals and funding. Visuals for these projects can include, animations or digital photorealistic still images, watercolors and Virtual Reality using phone apps, Samsung viewer, HTC Vive, Oculus Googles or Microsoft HoloLens. 

perth-aerial-endAirports – From initial concept through detailed imagery of all facets of these complicated complexes. The entire experience from build ups showing phasing of projects and the effects on the facility through drop off, check in, security, retail, gate and boarding areas, arrival baggage claim and transit connections can be visualized in a way the public can easily understand.



small-8idf-0-018292-aderail-revitalisationmonique-hrBridge & Tunnel – Portraying bridges and tunnels usually result in welcoming images. Bridges elevate projects and seem to give them a positive feeling. Tunnels allow usually street level ugly areas to be hidden out of sight and open up new land for public use which is also a very positive experience.



sEnergy Projects – A great amount of long term investing is required for these projects. Often lengthy public processes are mandatory and planning visuals that can properly convey a project is extremely important.



uNatural Resources




sequence-04Road and Highway – Involving anything from a parklet, bicycle lanes through highway interchanges HOV lanes and toll or border crossings, public understanding through great visualizations is the best way for obtaining approvals.



snapshot20080821121031Rail Transit Systems – From light rail through high speed projects, the need to properly describe to the public the look and feel of a project can often be a deciding factor in approvals for billion dollar projects. 



idf-1-019195-uk-atkin-port-cgiPorts and Harbors – Ports & harbors are increasingly important in a worldwide economy for transporting people and goods as well as delivering energy. Proper visualizations can show the actual construction process and phasing so the public can understand a project in approvals or be used as marketing pieces.