Great presentation is everything!

35+ years experience give Robert Becker the valuable insight and tools to help his clients look great. Combine Robert’s skills in the architectural visualization field with his extensive network of allied professionals for photography, video, physical scale modelers and much more to have your project presented in its best possible light. I am the only call you need to make!

Taking the concept out of your head and getting it into a presentation is what I do. Mediums include watercolor , digital renderings + fly through animations along with ar/vr. Working from less than a cocktail napkin sketch through detailed construction documents, I will bring your project to life for approvals. Telling a story through atmosphere is the goal of my work.

On the resourcing end, I created and run Presenting Architecture the most comprehensive Directory and community of architectural presentation artists worldwide including communications experts, scale model makers, photographers and visualization artists.  If I can not do it, I know who can. Contact me for advice on locating the best possible resources for your next project. 

I am also a watercolor artist who paints where ever I happen to be.

As of September 2017, I have also taken over operations of Pechara Studios and have established a great relationship with many Pechara clients.


  • Digital visualizations.

  • Conceptual design visualization and rendering utilizing watercolor.

  • Sourcing architectural presentation specialists, scale model makers and photographers.

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Architectural Rendering Clients & Brands

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Clients and Brands Producing architectural renderings, I have been lucky to work for and show off so many amazing clients and brands over the years.  The developers, architects, interior designers, landscape architects all brought [...]

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2018 Client Thank You!

December 17th, 2018|Comments Off on 2018 Client Thank You!

Thanks to a great 2018 in working with so many amazing clients and brands I was able to help present concepts for. The developers, architects, interior designers, landscape architects all brought excellent projects. The [...]