Project Description

Architectural Renderings of Oakland’s Tallest Building

The goal of these architectural renderings was to introduce this project to the public in the many ways it will be experienced. The buildings base hits both a busy street corner and an alley that creates two distinct areas to relate to. As a tower vying for the spot as the tallest building in Oakland the upper area’s unique shape needed to be shown off as well. The City of Oakland was concerned with how the building would be seen in relation to the historic Tribune Building, from the highway, across Lake Merritt as well as how it would look in comparison to about 15 new proposed projects.

The building designed by Lowney Architecture responds to it’s environment terrifically resulting in an amazing suite of images. Their design captures each area and combines it all into a unique project that looks great. A truly remarkable piece of the design puzzle is a varied coloring of spandrel panels appearing to be a reflection of neighboring buildings and the sky, allowing the structure to show off accentuating the refined shape of the towers.

Partner Digital Frontier did some amazing work on this. Architectural photographer Eric Sahlin shot perfect street level backgrounds to drop the renders into.